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Receivers and Sensors for FrSky HORUS, Taranis and XJT module

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Receivers and Sensors for FrSky HORUS, Taranis and XJT module

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Terms of sale:
Two years warranty.
Our stock is already in Europe, in Belgium, so no hidden costs like custom's fees, taxes and also no certification problems:our products are CE certified WITH Declaration of Conformity !
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FrSky FVAS-02N Altimeter/variometer Sensor Std Resolution

image FrSky FVAS-02N
Adresses that should be read by SCC when connected to SmartPort sensors:

FVAS-02: 01 *
FLVSS : 02
FCS-40: 03
GPS: 04
New SP2UART: 07
* Caution: first FVAS-02 supplied by FrSKY were mostly set on 04 ( but some can be found on 01,03,05 and 10).
As this same adress was also used later for GPS, this could be conflicting. FVAS-02 should then be set on 01 with SCC
Display Resolution:1 meter

This barometric sensor connected to FrSKY Telemetry system will allow you to display Rate of climb/descent and absolute altitude or height above ground, selectable
Used with TARANIS radio from FrSKY, it will also give you an audible indication of R/C or R/D, like in full scale sailplanes.

Can be connected directly to Smart Port of the new FrSky telemetry receiver X8R or to Data Port of D8R and D4R-II receivers.
Will act as a bridge to connect Sensor Hub FSH or Ammeter FAS to X8R Smart Port and allow use of previous sensors
Measurement Range: -700 ~ +10000m

Operational voltage: 4V ~ 10V
Dimensions: 31.1mm x 18.3mm x 6 mm
Operational current: 30mA
Weight: 3.1 gr

Installation: Use double-sided tape to install the barometer sensor on any appropriate surface of the airframe.

Note: Wind will affect the altitude reading.

Click here to download altimeter/variometer manual:
FrSKY FVAS-02 manual download

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